We provide the environment, opportunity, and support, to individuals and organizations, to build and strengthen our community.

Board of directors

The Marion Gerrish Community Center is run by a volunteer Board of Directors is committed to our mission statement, “We provide the environment, opportunity, and support, to individuals and organizations, to build and strengthen our community”.

Volunteering on a board is a great way to strengthen your ties to the community, to give back, to gain professional experience, and to promote personal growth. Our board members commit to serving a 3-year term and then have an option to renew for a second 3-year term. Volunteer board members do NOT need to reside in Derry. Our meetings are held from 6-8 in the evening, on the last Monday of the month, 12 times a year at our location. We are always looking for new directors to help strengthen our board. If you are interested in becoming a board member, please complete the attached Board Member Information Sheet and return it to Sarah Garvin, Executive Director.

There is no “I” in Team, but we are glad there is “u” in our volunteers!

What is the organization’s mission statement?

We provide the environment, opportunity, and support, to individuals and organizations, to build and strengthen our community.

What does the Marion Gerrish Community Center do?

The Marion Gerrish Community Center (MGCC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization created in 1972 to provide a free meeting space for groups, organizations, clubs, teams and nonprofits. We have over 150 different organizations that use the building. Our rooms are also available to rent at a nominal fee, for private parties and business meetings. Additionally, we provide programming and support to the community such as our monthly WiFi Café and daily senior games.

The main source of funding for the non-profit is our Thrift Shop, located in the basement of the building. The items donated to the Thrift Shop are resold and this revenue is used to operate the non-profit organization.

What are the board directors’ responsibilities?

The role of the nonprofit board centers on the fundamental responsibilities of providing the organization with sound governance, fiduciary and strategic oversight and direction. The board oversees:

  • The operations of the organization
  • That the public’s trust is upheld
  • That the mission addresses a community need
  • That all practices are ethical
  • That all legal requirements are met.
How long does a director serve on the board?

Directors initially serve a 3-year term that ends with the calendar year. The director may choose to serve for an additional 3-year term after which a mandatory 1-year hiatus is required.

What are a directors’ commitments?
  • Attend the monthly board meetings which are held every month on the last Monday at 6 pm.
  • Participate on at least one committee; finance, governance or community programming.
  • Annually donate, any amount of your choosing, to the Marion Gerrish Community Center (donation amounts are anonymous).
  • Be willing to spend approximately 10-12 hours per month on board duties which will include attending board and committee meetings, reading to prepare for the meetings, and answering emails.
What is the candidate selection process?
  1.   Completion of application & review  by MGCC Board    Governance Committee.
  2.   Invitation to an overview meeting with Executive Director and Governance Committee member.
  3.   Invitation to meet with MGCC Governance Committee.
  4.   Invitation to attend MGCC Board of Directors meeting.
  5.   Board will vote; eligibility is based upon being accepted by no less than two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.
  6.   Invitation to join the Board of Directors and introduction to mentor who will be available to the new director throughout the first year to assist with engagement.
Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please email the Executive Director, Sarah Garvin, at

Want to help out? Interested in being a part of the Board of Directors? Fill this form out!